Damage Control


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Recorded between mid 2016 & mid 2017 at resistor studios, Brisbane Australia.
Guitars & programming by Phill Corpe, Vocals by Travis McLeod.
Produced & mixed by Phill Corpe.
Mastered by Danny Bonnici at Liquid Mixes.
Cover Art by joseph loughborough.


released May 18, 2017



all rights reserved


TENSIION Brisbane, Australia

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Track Name: The Observer
Observing from out the side
integrated cant hide
don't follow don't trust
Fake their words in disgust

all my instincts now guide
Closed mind open wide
Always known that by
Breeding fear keeps them blind

Seek the truth til the end
Erase the past, will amend
Close your eyes you will find
own you till the end of time

Now i know, somethings wrong
been like that far too long
Happy now? Your now a
slave to the system of lies

verse two.

Now you know the reason why
Find the truth between the lies
On point, focus, right or wrong, look up to the sky
Replicate the damage done
No more use it has begun
open your eyes
Now you have chosen your path


From the ashes of lies
The earth ...a blackened bruise
This is the life you choose
As the sun turns black
As the sky cracks open wide
It will swallow you
Now you've seen the truth

closed minds
deep inside
in denial
though hate and fear
from birth
no choice
slaves to the system of lies

Observing from the in side
open mind closed wide
taken all, is to give
there the reason now to live
just excuses to ignore
giving less and taking more
mass controlled minds
now your a slave to their lies
Track Name: The Enabler
bleeding fear
from within
scared you wont be saved from sin

now your life
is slipping by
all around you until you die

blind faith
your denied
condemning all of those who tried

an easy deal
accountable to no one real

believe not
in reality
taught behavior makes the slave
enabled now
and forced up you
give your life and you will be saved

Passed on
each generation
infecting more to spread the word
all blind
forever sheltered
from reality, never heard
Track Name: The Dissembler
The Dissembler

conceited, contentious
lie through your teeth
to get all that you wanted in life

ascending the bones of
of all those you've used
and terrorized!

cant take it to the grave
made you the slave
corrosive, a repulsive pest
control all the weak, and destroy what is left

excuses, extenuate
you blame, then you replicate
to those that you dominate
and despise

parasite, sycophant
under the flesh
of all those deceived
and brutalized

cant take it all to the grave
the perversion in playing the game
self victimization, you've owned,
oppress maim and vilify, has made you the same

I'm a liar
it makes me feel good
about myself
it gets me higher
and higher
and higher
and high
Track Name: The Fix
their all
the same, all the same
the box
you play
the game, just a game

you in
then drag you down,
dragging down
behing closed doors
and segregate the drones

no way
walk that path
their posturing behind
the mask!

cannot hide
deep inside
your self condition mind

think for yourself
fall in line,
its easy
not to think
do - not - give - in !

unmitegated thoughts prevail
provoking fear that drives to nail
garbage in and garbage out
like flies to shit they seek you out

the lowest forms atract the same
corrupting more and taking aim

you have the choice, it isnt lost
the will to change at any cost

A nation breeding stupid
the dumbest voices only heard.

Supress the thinking few who turned against

the line has now been blurred.

theyve sealed
theyve made deal, made the deal
we pay
until the end, lefter fend

is in
their hands
blind leading the blind

controlling all theres nothing left for you